Do you refer to changing the agent's IP on registering at manage_agents?

In that case you may use the word *"any"* when the program asks for the IP 

$ sudo /var/ossec/bin/manage_agents 

> * OSSEC HIDS v2.9.0 Agent manager.     *
> * The following options are available: *
> ****************************************
>    (A)dd an agent (A).
>    (E)xtract key for an agent (E).
>    (L)ist already added agents (L).
>    (R)emove an agent (R).
>    (Q)uit.
> Choose your action: A,E,L,R or Q: A
> - Adding a new agent (use '\q' to return to the main menu).
>   Please provide the following:
>    * A name for the new agent: TestAgent
>    * The IP Address of the new agent: any
>    * An ID for the new agent[001]: 

This way the manager will always accept the client (if the agent's name and 
key match) no matter the IP address.

Hope it helps. 

Best regards,

On Friday, October 14, 2016 at 8:47:43 PM UTC+2, Tristan wrote:
> On Tuesday, 28 September 2010 22:48:23 UTC-5, Mike Smith wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Can you edit or change an Agent's IP Address if it has changed.
>> Either Windows or Linux?
>> Can you use OSSEC on a DHCP client or only Static IP Addressed Servers?
>> Thanks,
>> Mike
> Hi Mike.
> I work on Datto problems often as we use them for our clients at our IT 
> Office. I found out we do not have the rights to make changes to Agent ip 
> addresses once they are already made. So, you have two options...1) call 
> Datto to have them do it on their back end...2) remove and setup the agents 
> again from scratch. Sucks but that is all you can do.
> Tristan 


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