you can find information about the precedence of* agent.conf *and 

The *alert_new_files *setting is only valid for manager.

keep in mind that the first time that syscheck is executed (Monday - 
08.00), it will create the database, so you will see alerts about changes 
the next time that syscheck runs (Tuesday - 08.00).

I hope it helps.

On Saturday, June 17, 2017 at 4:44:31 PM UTC+2, Kazim Koybasi wrote:
> I want to manually trigger Wazuh OSSEC syscheck like AIDE. I configure it 
> to check manually every day at 08:00 with below shared/agent.conf but even 
> whan I start syscheck with agent_control -r -a .It does not report changes 
> to alets.log. Do manager ossec.conf affect agents or every agent configured 
> with own ossec.conf and shared/agent.conf? My shared/agent.conf and manager 
> ossec.conf is like below and same config also applies in manager 
> ossec.conf. Thanks for reading.
> <agent_config>
>     <active-response>
>         <disabled>yes</disabled>
>     </active-response>
>     <syscheck>
> <scan_day>Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday</scan_day>
>         <scan_time>08:00</scan_time>
>         <scan_on_start>no</scan_on_start>
>         <alert_new_files>yes</alert_new_files>
>         <frequency>604800</frequency>
>      </syscheck>
> </agent_config>


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