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On Monday, July 17, 2017 at 8:53:37 AM UTC+2, Kazim Koybasi wrote:
> Is archives.log under /var/ossec/logs/ contains all logs produced at agent 
> host server?I am trying to understand that how OSSEC manager and agent 
> topology works.

Yes, if you have configured your ossec.conf (Manager side) with the option 
"log_all" to yes. 

> Agent does not contains rules.
> Is it mean that agent send all logs to manager and it process log files 
> according to decoder and rule files? Is it logs only processed logs as 
> archives.log? Thanks for reading.

The behavior is that: the agent will send the events occurring in his side 
depending of his configuration (ossec.conf of the agent. You can allow the 
agent to send all events or do a configuration in order to filter the 
events that you want to send). These events arrive to the Manager and it's 
necessary to decide if the event is relevant or not. For that, the manager 
check against the decoder and rules and if the event analized is relevant 
it's included in "alerts.log". If not, the log will not be registered. But, 
if you have the option "log_all" to yes in ossec.conf of the manager, this 
option allow the manager to register ALL events received from all agent to 
the "archives.log". 

Hope it helps.
Best regards, 
Alberto Rodríguez


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