Hi all , 

i came cross this issue:
                 Files hidden inside directory 
'/var/lib/docker/overlay2/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/merged/root/go/src'. Link count 
does not match number of files (4,1).
in  many servers. However, when i checked ossec configuration file in those 
servers, there are no /var/lib/docker/overlay2 directory wrote in 
configuration file.


what i guess, since one of those server cluster, i need to monitory fire 
integrity of this server under /var/lib/docker/overlay2/xxxxxxxxxxxxx. 
However the file name is to complicated, so what i did is i generated 
number to link to those complicated directory. I am not really sure , is 
this a problem cause my above alert come out in other servers. (PS: those 
servers connect to same ossec manager server.)



thank you for helping guys. urgent now

best regards,



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