The latest: 2.9.3. Is this too new? I've noticed discrepancies between tis 
version and some of the docs. Is there a specific version number that is 
'easiest to use'?

Also, there are additional instructions 
and in the INSTALL file in the root directory it has addition instructions 
(presumable last updated for 2.9.2) for a binary installation under 'By 
Hand Installation', but I have not done any of those things. Just make 

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 11:26:50 AM UTC-8, 
> I noticed that I am able to successfully compile the source (with the 
> target specified), and it reports that the new SETMAXAGENTS value is 
> correct. However, when I run the installer, it reports the default number 
> for SETMAXAGENTS (2048). As far I understand, I should just be able to 
> recompile and either use a fresh install, or run the installer again to 
> update. Is that correct? 
> Additional question, does the MAXAGENTS need to be set on both the Server 
> AND the Agent installations?


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