Another problem is that LogManagerWrapper class calls 
LogManager.addPropertyChangeManager() to setup a property change listener 
but the method addPropertyChangeManager() is removed from LogManager in 
Java 9 to remove the dependency on java.beans package.

Also IsolatedJvm class depends on cglib which depends on java.beans which 
is also not part of any Java 8 compact profile nor Java 9 java.base module. 
There is a chance that IsolatedJvm does not depend on net.sf.cglib.beans.* 
or other parts of cglib that depend on java.beans so this may not be an 
issue. In worst case scenario only necessary code of 
cglib may be lifted to support what we need in IsolatedJvm and 
LogManagerWrapper if license allows. Or there maybe different solution that 
would not need cglib and asm libraries.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 1:13:04 PM UTC-4, Waldek Kozaczuk wrote:
> I conducted some testing to try to run Java 9 modular JRE on OSv 
> (java.base) and it requires changing to make runjava.jar get loaded 
> by system classloader instead of extension classloader. It turns out that 
> was extension classloader is removed from Java 9 (more specifically Java 9 
> will not start if lib/ext is present). 
> Does anybody remember what was the reason to load runjava.jar by extension 
> classloader instead of explicitly setting java.class.path to the path of 
> the jar and thus loading using the system loader? If I understand runjava 
> classloading related logic in the "isolated JVM" mode it uses special 
> OsvSystemClassLoader which then ends up creating child AppClassLoader for 
> each app. I think it would work if runjava.jar was loaded by regular system 
> classloader instead of the extension one. I could test that but I wonder if 
> there were some gotchas with apps  running in Tomcat or other J2E app 
> servers.
> Another observation is that MultiJarLoader or "isolated JVM" mode will 
> only work if Java 9 JRE image (created by jlink) contains java.beans module 
> (same applies to Java 8 compact profiles).
> Modular JRE - (look for Removed: The 
> extension mechanism)
> *jlink - 
> <>*
> * <>*

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