On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 5:08 AM, Geraldo Netto <geraldone...@gmail.com>

> Hello Guys,
> Just to report, it seems our current version of musl does not have some
> glibc extensions
> Checking their mailing lists (http://www.openwall.com/
> lists/musl/2015/06/17/1)
> They have implemented it later, I'll try to copy it from a newer version
> and if it works as expected, prepare the patches

Sure, I already added quite a few of these __*_chk functions, in
but __vprintf_chk.c is indeed missing there. Could you add it there?

You can find the signature of this function here

(you can also see what Musl did, I guess, althoug I prefer you just add the
tiny piece of code in the existing __vfprintf_chk.c rather than add another
source file. I don't know what Musl did for these functions, do they give
any sort of protection or just a silly do-nothing wrapper like I did?).

> Also, do you think it's okay if, for every problem (even the smaller ones
> like broken builds) i create an issue on github?

Yes, but please do try to explain the exact problem and/or thoughts for a
solution for each issue.

> I think it is easier to track the conversation on github issues than on
> mailing list

I agree.


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