I wish to allow inter "OSv"s to communicate efficiently via ivshmem device. 
Has anyone finished the driver for OSv?


在 2016年8月29日星期一 UTC+8下午7:52:40,Justin Cinkelj写道:
> I'm trying to evaluate if ivshmem cuold be helpful for Open MPI app. 
> ivshmem is presented as PCI device iside VM guest. 
> In linux, after initial discovery showing that data is at 0xfe000000 
> address, 1 MB of ivshmem is made accesible via 
>              char* pch = ioremap(0xfe000000, 1024*1024); 
>              if (!pch) return 0; 
>              snprintf((char*)pch, 100, "some-test\n"); 
> And changed data is visible on host, so this works. 
> What would be equivalent to ioremap on OSv? 
> Justin 

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