Thanks for applying the patch (BTW as I feared it failed on the Jenkins machine 
due to some x86_64 vs i686 conflict, any ideas how to fix it?). Now I have 
everything I need to cut new release minus anything unexpected;-)

I am not sure you saw it but couple of days ago I committed  some docker files 
to build OSv development environment container images for Fedora and Ubuntu. If 
you care you can use the fedora one that would let you build and run OSv in 
Fedora 29 docker container running on Fedora 30. This is how I build and run 
OSv on Fedora 29 when on Ubuntu 19.04 on my laptop. Btw the docker files 
delegate to setup.py. 

I do not have much experience with docker hub. Do you think it would help if we 
published those docker images to docker hubs so people could pull it from there 
instead of building the image from scratch?


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