Dear all,

The source code from Ice and Monteverdi2 repositories is now integrated into OTB repository (see Modules/Visualization). These components will be maintained within the main OTB repository, which makes the previous repositories obsolete. If you are still using them, don't be afraid, they will not be removed right away. They are still needed to build OTB version 5.6 and older. If you are using the trunk of OTB and Monteverdi2, you have at least 2 options :

  • Build OTB with monteverdi enabled (for this you need to switch on several third parties such as Qt4, Glew, OpenGL, Qwt). Then monteverdi & mapla will be compiled in OTB build directory. No need for a separate build of Monteverdi2 repo.
  • Build OTB without monteverdi enabled, and compile Monteverdi2 as a separate build (this solution is experimental).

Starting from next OTB release 5.8, monteverdi and mapla will be compiled from the main OTB repository. As they are now completely synchronised with OTB, their version number will also follow OTB version :

  • OTB 5.6 -> Monteverdi 3.4 & Mapla 3.4
  • OTB 5.8 -> Monteverdi 5.8 & Mapla 5.8
If there is no strong objections, the nightly branch on Monteverdi2 repository won't be updated anymore.


Guillaume PASERO
Responsable technique
Business Unit E-SPACE & Geo Information - Département Image & Applications

CS Systèmes d'Information
Parc de la Grande Plaine - 5, Rue Brindejonc des Moulinais - BP 15872
31506 Toulouse Cedex 05 - FRANCE
+33 561 17 64 21 -

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