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*step 7- *otbgui_OGRLayerClassifier that takes as input the previous shapefile and the image statistics and add a new "predicted" attributes in the shapefile.

pb7.1 : The OGRLayerClassifier only seem to accept SVM models. It worked for a SVM classifier but failed for a Random Forest with error messages related to itk SVM .... need to develop an otbapp VectorClassifier ?

Hi all,

I am just getting back to that thread, with a lot of activity and comments. I just wanted to stress that pb7.1 is fixed in OTB 6.0 : you know have access to all learning algorithm (including the unsupervised shark K-Means we introduced in 6.0) in the TrainVectorClassifier app. One step at a time ... There might also be in a near future a remote module that allows to fix pb2.1.

Given all the insightful comments here, I think we could plan a working group on this OBIA topic during next user days, to sum up what has been said in the thread, add more ideas and write a good RFC to capture all that. Then we could put it into action.

Thanks a lot for all your comments,




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