I'm trying to write an otb quicklook function on Python, it works fine until I 
have to set the channel parameter:  "-cl", both with the old and new way of 
setting it. In red, all the differents tests I've done, unsuccessfully.

quicklook = otbApplication.Registry_CreateApplication('Quicklook')
quicklook.IN = 'image.tif'
quicklook.SR = 8
quicklook.OUT = 'image_quicklook.tif'
quicklook.CL = [4,3,2]
quicklook.CL = '[4,3,2]'
quicklook.CL = '4,3,2'
==> Attribute Error

quicklook.SetParameterStringList('cl', '[4,3,2]')
quicklook.SetParameterStringList('cl', '4,3,2')
==> RuntimeError: Exception thrown in otbApplication 
         itk::ERROR: ListViewParameter(0x22abb80): Value 4 not found in the 
list of choices


What is the right way to write it ? Notice that it doesn't work anymore with 
only one selected band.
In advance, thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Baptiste Meylheuc

Check the OTB FAQ at

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