Dear List,
I did some research on this, the IE is spitting out an error message
concerning frames (this content cant be displayed in a frame). It seems to
have something to do with the otrs x-frame-options.
By adding a line ("Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN") to my
scripts/apache2-httpd.include.conf I can make the IE 11 show the html body
tickets. Chrome and FF still refuse to show the ticket ("no-prisoners!"
approach for me).

My trouble with this, I have a similar installation of otrs 5.0.11 (but on
an ubuntu 14) where everything is working fine, without any tweaks to the
system or apache2-httpd.include.conf.

Any Idea concerning this?


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From: Julius Haake <>
Date: 2016-09-15 16:21 GMT+02:00
Subject: Empty ticket-body in agent zoom view

Dear List,
I am facing a strange problem with a fresh standard setup of otrs 5.0.12.
New tickets are shown empty (empty body) in AgentZoom-View.
In Queue-View everything is ok, The content of the ticket (body) is
visible. If I open the ticket (agentticketzoom) the body is empty. It is as
if somebody would have opened an empty ticket.

Queue View, everything ok:

Agentticketzoom, empty:

If I switch my mailclient (outlook) to plaintext and open the ticket by
mail, the body is visible, but not the auto-answer-E-Mail from OTRS!

I tried three browsers (IE 11, FF 48, Chrome), everywhere the same. Its
also empty if I access the customer-frontend and view the ticket.
It seems to be a problem with the html-engine? Any idea?

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