Hi all,

My agents would like to know if it is possible to use a keyword in the text of 
an email to create a new ticket with high priority.
For the moment, all the new tickets have the default priority set on creation. 
But some customers want to have a way to notify a kind of priority/gravity. Is 
it possible to use a template email or a keyword and configure the OTRS 
behavior to set the priority to a high level where the keyword is found in the 
email body ?

I tried with the Generic Agent and set the parameters as follow :

-          Event Base Execution (single ticket) : Ticket – TicketCreate

-          Select Tickets : Text = #high#

-          Update/Add Ticket Attributes : Set new priority = 5 very high

I sent some emails to test that and I can see in the log that the generic agent 
is well launched after each email reception, but the priority is not set to 5 – 
very high, despite the search of the #high# keyword brings me all the new 
tickets I sent for test. The priority remains on the default value.

Can anyone help me ?

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