Thank you. Found it on the dev list... I wouldn't have figured the correct 
syntax for the ACL if not were for the list...

Basically I created all services, then for each Queue I filtered which services 
should NOT be displayed...

Here is how to configure the ACL in so when a Customer selects a 
Queue, certain services are not displayed:

# ticket acl
    $Self->{TicketAcl}->{'ACL-Name-20'} = {

        # Match properties
        Properties => {

            Queue => {
                Name => ['Database Team'],

        # Set which Options are not possible (black list)
        PossibleNot => {
            Ticket => {
                Service => ['Internet', 'Email', 'Folder Shares'],



I should point out that when reading the ACL documentation I felt I would have 
to do Properties=>Ticket=>Queue in the match properties section, which I tried 
but that didn't work (and I found out at least someone else in the OTRS user 
list that said he tried that syntax to not avail). It has to be done like above.

By the way, it looks like you can also do PossibleNot=>Ticket=>Service=> 
['[RegExp]^Database'] and it should match any service that begins with 
Database... should make things simpler if the right names for the services are 



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 Yes, you can do it using ACL. Pls search list's archive.


> Hello,

> So, I still haven't figure out this one yet... So I'm assuming it is not
possible, but I thought I will ask again one more time...

Is it possible to limit the options under "Service" field when a user is
creating a ticket based on what the user selected on the "To:" field?

For example, if the user select To: Network Team, then he will get the
services: Internet, Email, Folder Shares. But if he select To: Database
Team, then we he goes to select a service he will see: Database, Student

I'm running OTRS 2.4.2 and ITSM 1.3


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