Hi all,  
I think about a script to timestamp automatically my files on AWS S3 bucket at 
upload time.
For this purpose, I write a node.js script to encapsulate in an AWS lambda 

The main idea is that when I upload a file into S3 bucket, the AWS lambda 
function is triggered, make the timestamp, and then save the ots proof into the 
same S3 bucket.
I don’t know if I need to implement also an verify/upgrade procedure, anyway 
the user could download ots file and verify by herself.
Some suggestions?

I found a video to make the timestamp on AWS S3 based on tierion:
You know better than me, and you can see in the video, some points on that:
1. the user should manually make the hash, the procedure on the video for 
example doesn’t work for big files, this could be little tricky. (In 
OpenTimestamps we have include in the library the hash generation also for big 
2. the user should pass the entire file to tierion + the hash, so: 
        1. no security, 
        2. think about big files, 
        3. tierion is the real storage not s3
3. the user receive an email on his personal account to know the successful / 
failure, so they doesn’t provide a directly receipt or well documented 
completed status. This is not suitable for any automatic procedure.

Have a nice day,

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