Hi Tomáš,

if you loose the ots file you cannot prove the timestamp of the document.

There are multiple reason why the ots file is necessary:

   - What you find in the blockchain is not the hash of your file, it's an
   hash of multiple files timestamped together (with a merkle tree)
   - The public calendar cannot save the hash for every request, otherwise
   it would be too costly to mantain
   - You may want someone with the file cannot prove it's existance without
   the ots, thus the document is salted with random data

2018-04-05 9:48 GMT+02:00 Tomáš Karella <kare...@stemmark.cz>:

> Dear Ots team,
> First of all, I impressed by your service and I really appreciate job you’ve
> done.
> I would like to ask you, if it is possible to generate ots from a file.
> Imagine the following situation, We have lost the ots file and found the
> stamped file. Is there any option to generate hash from the file to verify
> that it was stamped(that the hash is in the blockchain).
> Yours sincerely,
> Tomáš Karella

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