I should clarify. The VoIP clients are on my VoIP services - not Comcast or L3. I also have some client that are not VoIP clients that use Comcast circuits for Internet access and they are all down too. What I am asking about is Comcast Internet access circuits being down.


On 10/11/2016 01:31 AM, Russell Zen wrote:
I just got off the phone with Level 3 TSC. Was on the phone for a totally 
separate issue, but then I saw your remarks and included this on my phone 
conversation with Level 3 just now.

Me: "Are you having any issues right now with phones in the Denver area?"
TSC: "Not that I'm aware of."
Me: "Oh well, there was some reporting of VOIP issues in the Denver area. Plus, 
while waiting on hold with you the phone kept ringing and ringing for the last 20 
minutes, no standard Level 3 auto attendant or anything."
TSC: "My phone only range twice and then I picked up."

Russell Zen
Sprouts Farmers Market IT

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Anyone aware of any Comcast outages in the Denver area? Have a number of VoIP 
clients that are on Comcast circuits around the Denver metro area that are all 
down right now. I monitor their gateways in Nagios too and they are all 100% 
down at present. Trying to access them via Cogent and Level3 with the same 
results - 100% failure.



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