Monitoring shows I lost ping to all 6 of my remote sites in the Chicago area on 
Comcast overnight (fiber and coax) from various internet ping services, but we 
appear to be back up at this time. I would have to agree with the previous 
email that the packet loss seemed to originate at 350 E Cermak.

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FWIW...seems like Comcast traffic going west from Comcast in the New England 
area is dying at 350 E Cermak in Chicago. This is also affecting ISPs that get 
transit from Comcast out here, at least for Comcast destinations west of 
Chicago. Can't tell if it is limited to only certain Comcast markets out 
west...but it is definitely affecting Comcast transit in the Bay Area AFAICT.

On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 4:13 AM, James Laszko via Outages 
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We are seeing Comcast IP cable modem reachability issues across the entire US 
right now from AT&T.  Traffic appears to be dying between Level3 and Comcast 
from our AT&T based sensors.



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Anyone aware of any Comcast outages in the Denver area? Have a number of VoIP 
clients that are on Comcast circuits around the Denver metro area that are all 
down right now. I monitor their gateways in Nagios too and they are all 100% 
down at present. Trying to access them via Cogent and Level3 with the same 
results - 100% failure.



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