We got alerted by Cisco about this. 

Dear Cloud Web Security Customer, 

We would like to make you aware of a reported issue against GlobalSign 
>From their web site:  https://www.globalsign.com/en/status/

13th October 11:00am- present BST 
13th October 06:00am- present EST 

We are currently experiencing a known issue which is causing certificate 
revocation/error messages to be displayed within some of our certificates. We 
ask all customers to please follow the instructions in this support article to 
clear their cache. 
Please consider the workaround provided by GlobalSign linked here:  

Customers may experience web pages that produce a web security certificate 
error with details mentioning that there is a revoked certificate. 

Should you have any questions to the above, please contact your local Cloud Web 
Security Support Team. 

Best Regards, 
Product Support 
Cloud Web Security

Bobin Joseph

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GlobalSign is a widely used SSL certificate provider.

Somehow, their OCSP server this morning falsely announced that one of their 
root or intermediate certificates has been revoked, causing all https 
connections to any site using GlobalSign certificates to show an error like 

"You cannot visit www.example.com right now because this certificate has been 

This error cannot be bypassed in most web browsers, so any SSL site using a 
GlobalSign certificate is effectively offline.


Robert L Mathews, Tiger Technologies, http://www.tigertech.net/ 
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