I have at least 10 locations down in Virginia across Comcast, Cox, and Verizon 
due to the storms.  Lots of east coast outages happening.  It is supposed to 
last into the weekend.


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I have a few buildings in PA that are on Comcast services (combo of private and 
public) that were entirely down, and have just partially recovered in the past 
10-15 min. This big ice/snow weather mess has been taking out stuff all over 
the place, both power and lines.

I'd be kind of surprised if VZW is 100% Comcast for backhaul there though, 
given that at least parts of PA have Verizon (wired) as the LEC (I would think 
that VZW would try to ride VZ's own fiber whenever possible).

If only the US had a more diverse selection of connectivity providers across 
all areas of the country... :(

Thank you,
Braden McGrath
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Saber Healthcare Group

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Verizon Wireless appears to be completely down in Pennsylvania.


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