Our folks have spent the better part of a day chasing an issue with a 
customer that had issues processing cards from their physical in-store 
terminal.  That turned into 2, 3, and a handful more.  
 We finally got info that all of these impacted terminals connect to a 
company "Datawire" who went down last night at 1800 and came back up at 
0800 this morning (unknown TZ).  They continued to point to us as the issue 
until just a short while ago when some person at this Datawire admitted a 
large portion of the country may still be down.  
 Anyone else seeing anything like this?  Perhaps it could save you chasing 
your tail as well.
 Perhaps better for a discussions-list conversation, but... seriously... a 
credit card processing firm that has an outage like this?  Hmm...          

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