US-CA-SantaMonica: QA Engineer
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Date: 30-Jul-2013

QA Engineer

* Experienced and educated: you bring three or more years as a QA engineer 
and five years in the gaming industry working hands-on in test-driven, 
agile environments; a computer science degree, or similar on-the-job 
training, scores you extra points * An inquisitive tester: more superior 
than Sherlock, your understanding of bug tracking systems and various 
testing regimens, including functional, unit, black-box, usability and 
stress, help you solve any case * Multiplatform web-head: Windows, Mac, 
Unix and their related hardware don’t throw you for a loop or ignite 
painful memories of the Operating System wars; your understanding of 
websites and their functionality is a big plus * A prolific coder: you’re 
fluent in one or more coding languages and never miss an opportunity to 
kick your skills up a notch * Data-focused: you’re a data expert, able to 
understand the subtleties of collected metrics to make informed decisions * 
A communications master: you understand that efficient teamwork begins with 
good communication, so encourage your teams to maintain a positive, 
collaborative environment; you clearly communicate in any medium, including 
email, hallway conversation or morning scrum meeting * A gamer: as an 
online gamer yourself, you’ve got a working knowledge of the downloadable 
game space, including how game publishing and microtransactions operate, 
and can leverage that understanding when suggesting solutions

* Develop tools, infrastructure and frameworks to increase QA productivity 
* Create automated functional, regression and stress tests for game and 
platform features * Help educate and provide leadership on how to leverage 
existing tools and build their own automated testing solutions; continually 
provide feedback on QA processes and test plans and cases * Work with 
various teams to create and execute test plans throughout the development 
process covering functionality, usability, performance, design and 
compatibility testing * Add instrumentation and performing debugger-based 
analysis to identify, troubleshoot and resolve process problems

Thank you,
Team SQAFYI - Software QA Resource FYI 

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