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*Position: Sr. SQL Developer with DBA *

*Location:  Indianapolis, IN*

*Duration: 6+ months *

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*Description of Role/Responsibilities:*

We are seeking a Sr. SQL Developer who can assist a client in reverse
engineering many stored procedures in an effort to improve the load process
they currently use and identify ways in which they can improve speed and
performance.  This role would not include any production support or day to
day maintenance.  These databases are very complex in nature and store over
a terabyte in data.  This person will act as a true consultant to help
offers suggestions and ideas for ways they can not only improve the speed
of load processing but also determine a way the load process does not have
to be restarted if an error or failure occurs.  This is a great opportunity
for someone that wants to work in a casual, fun environment but that wants
to work on a challenging project for a well known organization.

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*Required Skills:*

Must have at least 7 years experience with SQL Database Administration
including experience with SQL 2000, 2005, and 2008

Must be an expert with Performance Tuning




Experience eliminating cursors and experience converting them to set

Experience reverse engineering SQL code that is not documented

Ability to interpret, create and tune, complex SQL queries, stored
procedures, triggers and functions

Experience working with large, complex databases of at least 1 terabyte or
more in size

Experience performing some SQL development tasks

Experience with SQL database monitoring tools and strong understanding of
weights and execution plans

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*Desired Skills:  *

Experience working on projects involving improving the speed of load
processing and issues involving the failure of a load process a huge plus

Experience taking a database from interacting with an application in a
single threaded manner to multi-threaded a plus

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*Position: Sr. SQL Developer*

*Location: Nashville, TN*

*Duration: 6 months*

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*Required Skills:*

·         Must have 5 or more years of experience with SQL 2005/2008

·         Must have 5 or more years of creating packages and moving data
within SSIS

·         Qualified experience with PostgreSQL is a must.

·         SQL 2008: 60% of development will occur in this area and it will
mostly be new development.

·         SQL 2005: 25% of the time will be in this area and it will almost
be exclusively maintenance development on internal database.

·         PostGreSQL: 15% of time will be here and all maintenance

·         SSIS: Will be utilizing this in both SQL 2005 and 2008

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*Desired Skills:  *

·         Data warehouse experience will be a major plus as this position
will interface with that team as well.

·         SSRS/SSAS experience will be another plus in separating qualified

·         SSRS/SSAS: Hoping that the candidate they end up choosing has
both of these skills as it will help with data warehouse interfacing but it
is not a requirement

·         Data Warehouse experience: not a requirement but as mentioned
earlier they will be interfacing with this team so I will be a huge plus if
they have experience in this area.

Thanks & Regards

Technical Recruiter
Vertigon Consulting
Phone: 201-786-2670
Fax: 732-398-0506

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