Title: Data Analyst

Location: Richmond, VA

Duration: 3-6 Months

These are higher level DA roles. Candidates MUST have a high technical
aptitude and excellent communication skills.

Project for:

•             Existing process remediation

•             UNIX/Teradata code changes

•             Must be able to start delivering day #1

•             Dive in and understand

•             VISA compliance process for using plastic and something else
i.e. 16 digit plastic numbers

•             Banking/credit card process, fulfillment, risk, fraud, etc.

•             MUST have Teradata (remediating SQL code as it relates to
plastic number and tables). Scripts in UNIX. SAS is nice to have, not

Job Needs/Descriptions

DSS DA Teams (Recov, Coll, Fraud, Cust Ops, Risk Events) -
needs/description would be centered around Teradata, Unix, and SAS. The
true and real need for higher level resources is due to the urgency,
visibility and efficiency/autonomy/ownership needed to successfully
complete the level of effort within the expected timeline.

The Card Data Support area will require more self and project management as
that area is more central and provides administration of several Unix
boxes, all of which will need to be remediated through some sort of
developed project plan. In addition, technical ability is important there
given the solutions will include Unix Korn Shell scripting, SAS, and

Thanks & Regards,

Ramesh Kumar

*Global **Associates Inc/ **VCarve Inc*

*||* 7106 Corporate Way* ||* Dayton, OH 45459 *||*

*||*Phone:  937-877-5870 * ||* Fax: 937-312-1205 *||*

ram...@gassociates.com* or* ram...@vcarve.com *||*

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