On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 10:09:39AM +0800, 刘文学 wrote:
>      In ovs 2.4.0, I run ovs with over thirty thousands of flows added 
> duration several seconds, and it need nearly several minutes to remove the 
> flows when the flows expired.
>      the problem is that the flow delete action is only called by one thread 
> named as  "urcu5" and case the cpu 100% duration serveral minutes to remove 
> the flows. I run the
>      perf flame graph and prove my infer, see the attachment.
>      so anyone can help me if it need to or should use multi-thread to solve 
> this problem ? 

I guess that multiple urcu threads could make sense.  It's a little sad
that it's so expensive to free data.

Is this anything you could spend time on?
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