(Please forward this to your CEO or President, because this is urgent. )

Dear President & CEO,

We mainly deal with domain name and trademark registration in international. 
There are some things to confirm with you: We received an application from ZJ 
Investment Co., Ltd. They want to register "openvswitch" as their International 
Trademark and some Domain(.asia/.cn/.jp/.hk/.in/.tw). 

We checked and found the keyword is similar to your company's name. But you 
have not registered the name as international trademark and these domains. So 
we inform you to confirm whether this registration will affect and conflict 
your company in international. Please contact us by telephone or email within 
10 workdays, so we can better handle the issue. Thanks for your cooperation.

All the best wishes for you! 

Ken Ren
International Department/Manager
China IPR
Add:3/F,1st Building ZongFu Street No.47
Jinjiang District, ChengDu, China.
Post Code: 610000
Tel: +86 2887775008
Fax: +86 2862465008
Web: www.cn-nic.asia 
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