From: Kaige Fu <>

Start a virtual machine with its backend tap device attached to a brought up 
linux bridge.
If we delete the linux bridge when vm is still running, we'll get the following 
error when
trying to create a ovs bridge with the same name.

The reason is that ovs-router subsystem add the linux bridge into netdev_shash, 
but does
not remove it when the bridge is deleted in the situation. When the bridge is 
deleted, ovs
will receive a RTM_DELLINK msg, take this chance to remove the bridge in 

ovs-vsctl: Error detected while setting up 'br-eth'.  See ovs-vswitchd log for 

ovs-vswitchd log:
2017-05-11T03:45:25.293Z|00026|ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath 
supports recirculation
2017-05-11T03:45:25.293Z|00027|ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: MPLS label 
stack length probed as 1
2017-05-11T03:45:25.293Z|00028|ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath 
supports unique flow ids
2017-05-11T03:45:25.293Z|00029|ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath 
supports ct_state
2017-05-11T03:45:25.293Z|00030|ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath 
supports ct_zone
2017-05-11T03:45:25.293Z|00031|ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath 
supports ct_mark
2017-05-11T03:45:25.293Z|00032|ofproto_dpif|INFO|system@ovs-system: Datapath 
supports ct_label
packet on unassociated datapath port 0
2017-05-11T03:45:25.368Z|00033|netdev_linux|WARN|ethtool command ETHTOOL_GFLAGS 
on network device br-eth failed: No such device
2017-05-11T03:45:25.368Z|00034|dpif|WARN|system@ovs-system: failed to add 
br-eth as port: No such device
2017-05-11T03:45:25.368Z|00035|bridge|INFO|bridge br-eth: using datapath ID 
2017-05-11T03:45:25.368Z|00036|connmgr|INFO|br-eth: added service controller 

Signed-off-by: Kaige Fu <>
 lib/route-table.c | 15 +++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 15 insertions(+)

diff --git a/lib/route-table.c b/lib/route-table.c
index 67fda31..5107056 100644
--- a/lib/route-table.c
+++ b/lib/route-table.c
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@
 #include "ovs-router.h"
 #include "packets.h"
 #include "rtnetlink.h"
+#include "tnl-ports.h"
 #include "openvswitch/vlog.h"
 /* Linux 2.6.36 added RTA_MARK, so define it just in case we're building with
@@ -79,6 +80,7 @@ static int route_table_reset(void);
 static void route_table_handle_msg(const struct route_table_msg *);
 static int route_table_parse(struct ofpbuf *, struct route_table_msg *);
 static void route_table_change(const struct route_table_msg *, void *);
+static void route_table_link_del(const struct rtnetlink_change *, void *);
 static void route_map_clear(void);
 static void name_table_init(void);
@@ -112,6 +114,8 @@ route_table_init(void)
         nln_notifier_create(nln, RTNLGRP_IPV6_ROUTE,
                             (nln_notify_func *) route_table_change, NULL);
+    rtnetlink_notifier_create(route_table_link_del, NULL);
@@ -297,6 +301,17 @@ route_table_change(const struct route_table_msg *change 
 static void
+route_table_link_del(const struct rtnetlink_change *change,
+                     void *aux OVS_UNUSED)
+    if(change && change->nlmsg_type == RTM_DELLINK) {
+        if(change->ifname) {
+            tnl_port_map_delete_ipdev(change->ifname);
+        }
+    }
+static void
 route_table_handle_msg(const struct route_table_msg *change)
     if (change->relevant && change->nlmsg_type == RTM_NEWROUTE) {

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