Hi All,

I need a clarification on ovsdb-server replication's

*Is there a way, by which we can say exclude syncing specific column of a

The use case I'm looking at is:

   1. The replication is configured for DB "hardware_vtep".
   2. I'm trying to use the "ovsdb-server/set-sync-exclude-tables" unixctl
   command for table "hardware_vtep:Manager" on the backup ovsdb-server.
   3. After this the backup ovsdb-server gets replica(notification) from
   the active's db except for 'Manager' table.
   4. At this poiint, while processing the notification for 'Global' table,
   I see the below error:
   5. "Aug  9 12:26:38 Pollux daemon.err ovsdb-server:
   ovs|00070|ovsdb_error|ERR|unexpected ovsdb error: referential integrity
   violation: Table Global column managers row
   4121ba6c-a729-45b1-8f69-806b32584d04 references nonexistent row
   5dbedec1-8221-435f-89b3-503867d0e987 in t""
   6. I think this error could be avoided if we can say exclude syncing
   'Manager' column in 'Global' table also.

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