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Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 10:15 AM
To: Darrell Ball <dlu...@gmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [ovs-dev] [patch_v5] dp-packet: Reset DPDK HWOL checksum flags on 

    On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 06:54:46PM -0700, Darrell Ball wrote:
    > Reset the DPDK HWOL checksum flags in dp_packet_init_.
    > The new HWOL bad checksum flag is uninitialized for non-dpdk ports and
    > this is noticed as test failures using netdev-dummy ports, when built with
    > the --with-dpdk flag set. Hence, in this case, packets may be marked as
    > having a bad checksum.
    > Reported-at: 
    > Fixes: 7451af618e0d ("dp-packet : Update DPDK rx checksum validation 
    > CC: Sugesh Chandran <sugesh.chand...@intel.com>
    > Signed-off-by: Darrell Ball <dlu...@gmail.com>
    > ---
    > v3->v5: Update the commit message with more context.
    > v2->v3: Use existed API to reset both the DPDK HWOL flags.
    > v1->v2: Fix build failure for without --with-dpdk.
    >  lib/dp-packet.c | 1 +
    >  1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
    > diff --git a/lib/dp-packet.c b/lib/dp-packet.c
    > index 67aa406..4926993 100644
    > --- a/lib/dp-packet.c
    > +++ b/lib/dp-packet.c
    > @@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ dp_packet_init__(struct dp_packet *b, size_t allocated, 
enum dp_packet_source so
    >      dp_packet_reset_offsets(b);
    >      pkt_metadata_init(&b->md, 0);
    >      dp_packet_rss_invalidate(b);
    > +    reset_dp_packet_checksum_ol_flags(b);
    This function un-sets some bits in p->mbuf.ol_flags.  The need for this
    implies that nothing initializes p->mbuf.ol_flags. 

Correct, I reused reset_dp_packet_checksum_ol_flags() to do the initialization 
as well
I could also have created a separate function.

In case a DPDK dev is used, those flags will be managed by DPDK.

 That sounds like a
    bug in itself--is there a missing call to initialize the mbuf somewhere?

Are you suggesting to initialize the whole mbuf for each packet ?

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