On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 4:43 PM, Ben Pfaff <b...@ovn.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 04:20:23PM -0400, Russell Bryant wrote:
>> ovs-sandbox comes with a script to quickly set up a simple
>> OVN configuration, ovn-setup.sh.  This script set up config in the OVN
>> northbound database, but didn't create the corresponding ports on
>> br-int.  Add that to save another step in provisioning this simple
>> environment.
>> Add "ovn-sbctl show" output as well, to follow the existing "ovn-nbctl
>> show" output.
>> Signed-off-by: Russell Bryant <russ...@ovn.org>
> I haven't used this script, and I didn't test it, but it seems
> reasonable to me.  Feel free to ask or wait for a more thorough review,
> if you prefer.
> Acked-by: Ben Pfaff <b...@ovn.org>

Thanks.  It works for me.  I'm not too worried so I applied this to master.

FWIW, here's what it gives you, 2 logical switches connected by a
router with a port on each switch.

=== ovn-nbctl show ===

switch 34bfbfec-423e-4a8c-9aef-31e1a847c601 (sw1)
    port sw1-port1
        addresses: ["50:54:00:00:00:03"]
    port lrp1-attachment
        type: router
        addresses: ["00:00:00:00:ff:02"]
        router-port: lrp1
switch f33fce42-66dc-4439-9070-c2b09623133d (sw0)
    port sw0-port1
        addresses: ["50:54:00:00:00:01"]
    port lrp0-attachment
        type: router
        addresses: ["00:00:00:00:ff:01"]
        router-port: lrp0
router 84e3352f-8fed-4b3b-99d4-92ccd2e4310f (lr0)
    port lrp1
        mac: "00:00:00:00:ff:02"
        networks: [""]
    port lrp0
        mac: "00:00:00:00:ff:01"
        networks: [""]

=== ovn-sbctl show ===

Chassis "chassis-1"
    hostname: sandbox
    Encap geneve
        ip: ""
        options: {csum="true"}
    Port_Binding "sw0-port1"
    Port_Binding "sw1-port1"
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