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Subject: [ovs-dev] [PATCH] datapath-windows: Do not modify port field for       

During SNAT/DNAT, we should not be updating the port field of ct_endpoint
struct, as ICMP packets do not have port information. Since port and
icmp_id are overlapped in ct_endpoint struct, icmp_id gets changed.
As a result, NAT look up fails to find a matching entry.

This patch addresses this issue by not modifying icmp_id field during
SNAT/DNAT only for ICMP traffic

The current NAT module doesn't take the ICMP type/id/code into account
during the lookups. Fix this to make it similar with the other conntrack

Signed-off-by: Anand Kumar <kumaran...@vmware.com>

Acked-by: Shashank Ram <r...@vmware.com>
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