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>> The context field does not apply to MD type 2. It looks wrong for the
>> context field to be included in netlink attribute for anything other
>> than MD type 1. Perhaps it needs to be put into a separate attribute,
>> too?
>> Note that I'm talking only about the uAPI. Internally, ovs can use
>> struct ovs_key_nsh that is MD type 1 only, there's no problem changing
>> that later. But for the user space interface, this needs to be clean.
>> This can be solved for example this way:
>> In include/uapi/linux/openvswitch.h:
>> struct ovs_key_nsh_base {
>>      __u8 flags;
>>      __u8 mdtype;
>>      __u8 np;
>>      __u8 pad;
>>      __be32 path_hdr;
>> };
>> + one more netlink attribute carrying MD type 1 info. Will probably
>> require to change OVS_KEY_ATTR_NSH to a nested attribute etc.
>> In net/openvswitch/flow.h (or perhaps a different header would be more
>> appropriate?):
>> struct ovs_key_nsh {
>>      struct ovs_key_nsh_base base;
>>      __be32 context[4];
>> };
>> Plus needed conversions between OVS_KEY_ATTR_NSH and struct ovs_key_nsh
>> when interfacing between the kernel and user space.
>> That way, we can have MD type 1 support only for now while still being
>> allowed to redesign things in whatever way later.
>>  Jiri
>For the OVS_KEY_ATTR_NSH I agree to move the fixed size MD1 context headers 
>from nsh_base to a separate struct and use nested netlink attributes.
>For OVS_ACTION_ATTR_PUSH_NSH attribute any metadata included is opaque to the 
>datapath and should be copied as is into the packet header. I doubt that there 
>is any benefit to model this with nested attributes for MD1 or MD2. This just 
>adds complexity on sender and receiver side and requires updates in case there 
>should be other MD types added later on.
>Unless someone can explain to me why the datapath should understand the 
>internal structure/format of metadata in push_nsh, I would strongly vote to 
>keep the metadata as variable length octet sequence in the non-structured 

Could you please wrap lines at 72 chars? This is unreadable. Thanks!

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