> Hi all,
> As discussed on the OVS-DPDK community call, I've manually reverted the per 
> port mempool changes in OVS-DPDK on a branch on my own git hub. This had to 
> be re-introduced manually due to the number of commits and work that had went 
> on top of the per port implementation.
> For testing people can access it from the link below:
> https://github.com/istokes/ovs/tree/mempool_revert
> If we are to revert this in time for OVS 2.9 there is a need for validation 
> among the community to ensure that it does not break any features. I have 
> validated most existing features with VSperf but I'm more interested in 
> ensuring existing user test cases do not break with this revert.

I thought that we wanted to update the documentation for now with new
memory requirements, prepare new mempool model for 2.10 and backport it
to 2.9 if necessary., As mentioned here:


I'm sorry, but I see no meeting minutes for the latest OVS-DPDK sync call.

In general, I think that temporary reverting of the current model looks not
so pretty. Especially if we're going to almost revert this revertion in the

Does you RFC patch intended for branch-2.9 only? In this case it may be
acceptable. We'll continue working on current model for 2.10 to fix all
the issues or implement some completely new model. And branch-2.9 will be
left with shared mempool model forever. Did I understand correctly?

Best regards, Ilya Maximets.
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