Hi Lorenzo,

I had a look through the patch series and it looks good to me. However, I think there should be a test added to the testsuite to ensure that the ACL reject action works as expected.

On 02/13/2018 08:43 AM, Lorenzo Bianconi wrote:
Changes since RFC:
- update ovn-sb.xml
- squash patch1 and patch2
- added Jakub comments
- added build_reject_acl_rules routine to add reject entries in logical
   flow hashmap
- treat TCP connections as DROP for the moment since tcp_reset{}
   action has not been implemented yet
- renamed encode_nested_neighbor_actions in encode_nested_actions

Lorenzo Bianconi (3):
   OVN: rename encode_nested_neighbor_actions in encode_nested_actions
   OVN: add icmp4{} action support
   OVN: add acl reject support using icmp4 action

  include/ovn/actions.h     |   7 +++
  ovn/controller/pinctrl.c  |  51 +++++++++++++++++++
  ovn/lib/actions.c         |  36 +++++++++++---
  ovn/northd/ovn-northd.c   | 123 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
  ovn/ovn-sb.xml            |   4 --
  ovn/utilities/ovn-trace.c |  28 +++++++++++
  6 files changed, 201 insertions(+), 48 deletions(-)

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