On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 10:14:29AM +0800, Huanle Han wrote:
> HI, all
>    I find the comm name of daemon process is null after recover from
> crash. For example,
> 1. `ps -ef |grep ovs-vswitchd` : get the ovs-vswitchd pid (not the monitor)
> 2. `cat /proc/$pid/comm` : see name "ovs-vswitchd"
> 3. `kill -11 $pid` : make process segfault and crash
> 4. `ps -ef |grep ovs-vswitchd` : get the new pid
> 5. `cat /proc/$newpid/comm` : see **nothing**
> 6. This also effects some tools, such as "top", "lsof"
> I believe it's the 'set_subprogram_name("")' in moinitor_daemon()
> leads to the problem. But I don't known how to get a correct name
> before set.

I guess we'd need to add a function to retrieve the thread name from
pthreads, e.g. glibc has pthread_getname_np().
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