Dear Sir or Madam ,
 We are LIU Associates Management Services from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 
managers of L.I.U P&I.
 Currently we are going through the process of updating our correspondent list, 
where your company is listed as a correspondent.
 Please start by opening the Word document where instructions will follow.  All 
documents should be saved and sent back to the email 
 By Downloading Attached Document,  "Download & fill attachment and send it 
back to us."
 We recommend to fill out the attached Word form on a computer by using the 
free application "Microsoft Office".
 In the interest of time, it would be appreciated if an answer is received 
within the shortest possible timeframe.
 With kind regards,
 Your Liberty International Underwriters Teams.
 Kind regards from Kuala Lumpur,
    Vanessa Maher
 Senior Vice President- Claims & Technology, Marine
Liberty International Underwriters

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If you are situated in Australia, LIU is not obliged to ensure that the 
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