On Thu, Mar 08, 2018 at 07:24:47PM +0800, Guoshuai Li wrote:
From: Dong Jun <do...@dtdream.com>

This patch can set inactivity probe for connection by command
ovn-nbctl set-connection inactivity_probe=30000 ptcp:6641:
ovn-sbctl set-connection inactivity_probe=30000 ptcp:6642:

Signed-off-by: Guoshuai Li <l...@dtdream.com>
Thanks for v2.  Here are some suggestions for folding in on the next

I have some additional thoughts here.  I am probably thinking about it
all too hard.

First, ovn-nbctl (etc.) has a syntax for options that would ordinarily
be used, e.g.:
         ovn-nbctl --inactivity-probe=MSECS set-connection TARGET...

The possible disadvantage of that is that it could not be used to set a
different inactivity probe value for different targets.  However, I
don't know whether that is actually a valuable use case.  If it is
valuable, though, there is the problem that cmd_get_connection()
currently won't show the inactivity probes in an order that could be fed
directly back to set-connection, since it might put the ones with the
defaults after the ones that are non-default.  However, I'm not sure
that get-connection showing the inactivity probes is actually valuable
at all!

Anyway, I'd be inclined to use --inactivity-probe as an option, have it
apply to all connections, and then make get-connection not print the
inactivity probes at all (which matches what "ovs-vsctl get-controller"
does, and I don't recall anyone ever complaining about that before).

What do you think?



Hello Ben,
I agree with you, it looks like there are four commands needed --inactivity-probe:
ovn-nbctl set-connection
ovn-sbctl set-connection
vtep-ctl set-manager
ovs-vsctl set-manager
I am ready to try it.

There I have a little doubt:
For example --time --db applies to all commands, but --inactivity-probe only applies to set-connection(set-manager). Can other commands ignore it when it is carried by the user?  This may be easier to implement.

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