On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 09:02:22AM +0000, Gabor Halász wrote:
> In real-world vSwitch deployments, handling a few thousand flows,
> EMC is quickly saturated, so it's optimal usage is critical to
> reach the highest packet forwarding speed of the vSwitch.
> EMC lookup is initiated based on the hash value of the packet.
> In case the packet does not already have a stored hash value
> during processing, the miniflow_hash_5tuple() function is invoked
> in the datapath. While packets entering the vSwitch from an
> external interface usually have valid hashes (pre-computed by NICs
> supporting RSS), the ones coming from vhostuser ports (internal
> packets from VMs) do not.
> Non-IP traffic received from the VMs experiences very bad EMC hit
> rates and hence forwarding performance, because the miniflow_hash_5tuple()
> returns the same hash value and these packets will hit the same EMC
> entries and cause collisions if there are more than two distinct
> megaflows with traffic in the PMD.
> The purpose of the patch is to compute proper hashes with sufficient
> entropy for EMC lookup also for non-IP traffic to avoid constant EMC
> thrashing. The hash calculation has been extended to handle unrecognized
> ethernet types and MPLS, using the header fields that are valid for a
> specific protocol.
> Forwarding of non-IP packets in NFVI scenarios is very likely to happen
> based on MAC addresses and/or VLAN tags.
> By implementing a special case for matching on MPLS label, this change
> prepares a separate commit that will enable hash recalculation for MPLS
> packets received from L3 GRE tunnels. Today we skip re-computation of
> the hash and the original GRE hash is only updated with the increased
> recirc_depth.
> Signed-off-by: Gabor Halasz <gabor.hal...@ericsson.com>

I haven't properly reviewed this, but Clang reports:

../lib/flow.c:2133:35: error: cast from 'const struct eth_addr *' to
'uint64_t *' (aka 'unsigned long long *') increases required alignment
from 2 to 4 [-Werror,-Wcast-align]

which is for this line:

        hash = hash_add64(hash, *((uint64_t *) &flow->dl_dst));

Maybe you should use eth_addr_to_uint64().
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