> On Apr 6, 2018, at 12:27 PM, Mark Michelson <mmich...@redhat.com> wrote:
> I just had a look, and unfortunately, the current code doesn't translate 
> directly to a latch. The reason is that you can't control the data that is 
> sent to and read from the latch. It's essentially a boolean of "set" or "not 
> set". In the current stopwatch implementation, data packets are written to 
> the pipe and that data is then read by another thread. The actual data is 
> important in this case.

I noticed the same thing.  I spoke with Ben off-line, and I'll push my changes 
(broken into the fix and the style changes) so that we reduce the chances that 
people run into at least the issue I had.  You'll take care of the bigger 
change to handle Windows?



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