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From: Finn Christensen <f...@napatech.com><mailto:f...@napatech.com>

The basic yet the major part of this patch is to translate the "match"
to rte flow patterns. And then, we create a rte flow with MARK + RSS
actions. Afterwards, all packets match the flow will have the mark id in
the mbuf.

The reason RSS is needed is, for most NICs, a MARK only action is not
allowed. It has to be used together with some other actions, such as
QUEUE, RSS, etc. However, QUEUE action can specify one queue only, which
may break the rss. Likely, RSS action is currently the best we could
now. Thus, RSS action is choosen.

For any unsupported flows, such as MPLS, -1 is returned, meaning the
flow offload is failed and then skipped.

Co-authored-by: Yuanhan Liu <y...@fridaylinux.org><mailto:y...@fridaylinux.org>
Signed-off-by: Finn Christensen <f...@napatech.com><mailto:f...@napatech.com>
Signed-off-by: Yuanhan Liu <y...@fridaylinux.org><mailto:y...@fridaylinux.org>
Signed-off-by: Shahaf Shuler <shah...@mellanox.com><mailto:shah...@mellanox.com>


+static int
+netdev_dpdk_flow_put(struct netdev *netdev, struct match *match,
+                     struct nlattr *actions, size_t actions_len,
+                     const ovs_u128 *ufid, struct offload_info *info,
+                     struct dpif_flow_stats *stats OVS_UNUSED) {
+    struct rte_flow *rte_flow;
+    int ret;
+    /*
+     * If an old rte_flow exists, it means it's a flow modification.
+     * Here destroy the old rte flow first before adding a new one.
+     */
+    rte_flow = ufid_to_rte_flow_find(ufid);
+    if (rte_flow) {
+        ret = netdev_dpdk_destroy_rte_flow(netdev_dpdk_cast(netdev),
+                                           ufid, rte_flow);
+        if (ret < 0) {
+            return ret;
+        }
+    }
+    ret = netdev_dpdk_validate_flow(match);
+    if (ret < 0) {
+        return ret;
+    }
+    return netdev_dpdk_add_rte_flow_offload(netdev, match, actions,
+                                            actions_len, ufid, info); }

Misplaced curly bracket.

+static int
+netdev_dpdk_flow_del(struct netdev *netdev, const ovs_u128 *ufid,
+                     struct dpif_flow_stats *stats OVS_UNUSED) {
+    struct rte_flow *rte_flow = ufid_to_rte_flow_find(ufid);
+    if (!rte_flow) {
+        return -1;
+    }
+    return netdev_dpdk_destroy_rte_flow(netdev_dpdk_cast(netdev),
+                                        ufid, rte_flow); }

Misplaced curly bracket.

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