On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 12:17 PM Ilya Maximets <i.maxim...@ovn.org> wrote:
> On 02.12.2019 17:24, David Marchand wrote:
> > tx_lock protects the NIC/vhost queue from concurrent access.
> > Move it closer to the parts it protects and let packets duplication (when
> > source is not DPDK) and the egress policer run out of it.
> >
> > Signed-off-by: David Marchand <david.march...@redhat.com>
> > ---
> > I caught this by code review, but I imagine this could make the
> > contention on the tx lock even worse if broadcasting packets.
> Idea is OK, I think.  I didn't look a t the code, but, IIRC, there was
> already a similar patch in a mail-list.. Hard to find.

Ah indeed, I found this:
But I did not find it in patchwork, not sure why, copied its author.

My RFC patch goes one step further, since it also moves the
allocations out of the lock.

David Marchand

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