Hi All,

I am trying to test CFM Link monitoring in the openvswitch.

My Test Setup is given Below:

(port P1) -----------(port2) Linux bridge(port p3)  ---------------(port p4)
P1 - Linux server 1 with ovs
P2 & P3 - Linux server 2  and normal linux bridge
P4 - Linux server 3 with ovs


Configured  CFM in the linux_machine_1 and Linux_machine_3 using the below 
command :

Linux_server1    :  ovs-vsctl set Interface eth0 cfm_mpid=4000

Linux_server3    :  ovs-vsctl set Interface eth0 cfm_mpid=5000

When I shut one of the bridge interface in Linux server 2, I am able to see the 
fault notification like below

2017-08-08T11:08:53.904Z|00003|cfm(monitor19)|INFO|enp4s0f2: CFM faults changed 
from [] to [recv].

This fault detection was done using CCM(continuity Check message) protocol.

Ethernet CFM/OAM supports Loopback protocol(LBM) and Link Trace protocol(LTM), 
Is ovs is supporting these two protocols as well, if so could you please 
describe how to use these two protocols.

I am using ovs 2.5 version.

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