Hi Jacob,


I can try to help as much as I can.


Can you run me through the steps that you already tried (from get-netadapter, 
through the vmswitch creation and how you tried to add the ports to OVS)?





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Subiect: [ovs-discuss] Unable to bridge adapters in Windows


Apologies if this is too simple, but I've been struggling with this for a few 
days now.


I have open vswitch installed under windows server 2016 and am unable to even 
perform the simplest things such as bridging two adapters.  I chose to do that 
because it seems like a simple 'hello world' type of thing.  I've got 3 NICs on 
this computer, and two test VMs running debian.  It seems that half the time I 
get the error message "could not add network device X to ofproto (Invalid 
Argument)".  The other half it adds, but I can't pass traffic.  I've never been 
able to add more than 1 interface successfully.  Ususally after the first one 
is successfully added, adding the second causes them both to fail.


Scenarios I'd like to do (as a hello world! exercise):


Bridge physical interface to a VM.


Bridge two VMs together.


Any advice for how to go about this?




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