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Some links to figures below.

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> container
> Hello
> Are there 'numbers'  for performance - OvS-DPDK  vs XDP-eBPF for container
> networking.
There are some figures in these documents:

And also the "Virtio-user" paper at 

> Since the DPDK and linux-containers are not compatible, is a sense that
> container and host share the same kernel - hence pkts received at OvS-DPDK  at
> user-space and directed to a linux container  - should be go   down to the 
> kernel
> and then to the container ip-stack, while in XDP-eBPF this pkt can be forward 
> to
> the container ip-stack directly from the kernel.

 [[BO'M]] Are you you rolling your own solution using xpd/bpf directly or using 
something like Cilium project? If you could share some details on your use-case 
and current solution strategy/options that would be really interesting.

> I heard that a vhostuser interface for containers is 'in-working' stage.
> Can anyone assist with the performance numbers and the status of this vhost-
> user for containers ?
[[BO'M]] There is already dpdkvhostuser(client) interface types in OvS-DPDK 
which provide virtio backends to allow VMs to connect to OvS-DPDK. Maybe you 
mean virtio-user which is covered in the paper above? And which was introduced 
just last year.

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