Dear support,
I’m testing OpenVSwitch version 2.9. on my infrastructure using CentOS7,
but I’m having any problem, below my config:
I have 4 servers with the public IP address, e.g.
between these servers I've configured a VXLAN tunnel, in this way :
the server named A has a VXLAN tunnel with C and D
the server named B has a VXLAN tunnel with C and D
the servers named C and D obviously have a tunnel with A and B
I executed this kind of configuration because I would like to have a
redundancy between the servers A and B , e.g if A goes down I migrate all
the services on B and the servers C and D can continue to work without any
But I have the following messages on the /var/log/message :
"kernel: openvswitch: ovs: recursion limit reached on datapath ovs-system,
probable configuration error”

I 've read articles related to this kind of problem and I played also with
the STP protocol in order to avoid a possible loop but I don't understand
if I can use this configuration or I have to find another solution.
Thanks in advance for your support,
Best regards

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