Hi all,

I'm trying to find the equivalent to /etc/init.d/openvswitch
force-reload-kmod in the systemd based scripts. How do I use a command
similar to "service openvswitch <force-reload-kmod>" or "systemctl
<force-reload-kmod> openvswitch" to do it? I understand that systemd script
only supports limited operations (start, reload, etc.) and it seems the
openvswitch systemd file is trying to use reload to achieve the
force-reload-kmod with an optional argument?

I have a CentOS 7.4 3.10.0-693.el7.x86_64. I cloned the code on master
(4b337e) a couple days ago. And I built the openvswitch and kmod RPMs using
the fedora/RHEL7.x spec files. I ran the ./configure without any prefixes.
After installation, I looked at the systemd script openvswitch.service, and
it shows reload invokes /usr/share/openvswitch/scripts/ovs-systemd-reload.
And this ovs-systemd-reload script seems to look for "force-reload-kmod" in
$1 to do the force-reload-kmod. By default, it's a restart.

I'm not an expert in systemd. The few results I found for "systemd script
taking arguments" suggest using Environment or EnvironmentFile in the
systemd script, which doesn't seem to be defined in the openvswitch.service.

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