We are moving to latest OVS viz OVS 2.12 (Earlier we were on 2.8) . We
noticed a significant drop in performance for flows with conntrack (40-50%
drop in Traffic going over Vxlan ) . On further analysis , we could pin this
drop in performance to the below commit 


commit 967bb5c5cd9070112138d74a2f4394c50ae48420

Author: Darrell Ball <dlu...@gmail.com <mailto:dlu...@gmail.com> >

Date:   Thu May 9 08:15:07 2019 -0700


    conntrack: Add rcu support.

    For performance and code simplification reasons, add rcu support for

    conntrack. The array of hmaps is replaced by a cmap as part of this

    conversion.  Using a single map also simplifies the handling of NAT

    and allows the removal of the nat_conn map and friends.  Per connection

    entry locks are introduced, which are needed in a few code paths.




Has anyone noticed this and if so is there any way to get around this as
well (We don't use NAT connections)?


Is there a specific case where this could give better performance ?





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