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> Am 04.09.2016 um 19:08 schrieb Colin Law:
>> ...
>> To summarize then, for parasitic mode I should not need an external
>> strong pullup and should be able to use just a 1.5k pullup and to
>> specify
>> dtoverlay=w1-gpio,gpiopin=4
>> and
>> sudo modprobe w1-gpio pullup=1
>> With in addition the 3.3 to 5V level shifter as in your first post if
>> any devices on the bus need 5V
> Yes.

Sorry, I need yet further clarification on this.  I have been trying
to get to grips with device tree and (on pi with raspbian jessie) in
/boot/overlays/README it says

"Device Tree makes it possible
to support many hardware configurations with a single kernel and without the
need to explicitly load or blacklist kernel modules."

which I think means that it should not be necessary to use modprobe
w1-gpio or to put the module in /etc/modules.
Also for w1-gpio it has

"Name:   w1-gpio
Info:   Configures the w1-gpio Onewire interface module.
        Use this overlay if you *don't* need a GPIO to drive an external pullup.
Load:   dtoverlay=w1-gpio,<param>=<val>
Params: gpiopin                 GPIO for I/O (default "4")
        pullup                  Non-zero, "on", or "y" to enable the parasitic
                                power (2-wire, power-on-data) feature

Does this mean I can (should?) use

and remove the modprobe command?


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