Am 19.10.2016 um 00:33 schrieb Peter Hollenbeck:
> I would like to count revolutions of an anemometer, perhaps this one:
> I would appreciate suggestion on how to implement a counter.
You could use the DS2423, or some of the homebrewn DS2423 replacements
out there. As it has a reed switch, you need some debouncing on the input:

         ^ +5V
   .-----+-------> DS2423 input
   |     |
   o     |
 \      100nF
  \      |
   o     |
   |     |
  ===   ===  GND

These values give you ~1ms, which should be enough to debounce the
switch and which is fast enough for 500Hz (== 1250mph for this anemometer.)

Kind regards


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